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Enroute to Blue Mountains

Trip Day Thirty-three: Friday, October 26, 2007

A Park North of Sydney


Our guide serves tea at 10:00 AM then takes our lunch orders.
We don't know if this morning snack time is observed in industrial settings, but the tours we took each served morning tea.

Left: According to the folks at this is a Clan PeeWee or Magpie Lark — not to be confused with the European Magpie. They are named for their piebald coloring, and are found all through Australia where-ever their is water to build their mud nests and provide food during breeding season. They are feisty characters with a strident screeching call.
Right: This is the bloom of the Australian bottlebrush plant.
They are so-named because the bloom looks just like a ... bottlebrush.

Owen Tyler looks through the eucalyptus trees to the river below.
Can you see the big black flies? They were nearly large enough to show up in a picture this size.

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