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If you wish your photo tour to follow the sequence of our travels, click the map on or near the title "People's Republic of China." You can go through the tour by simply clicking any of the pictures on each page. You may pick up the story at any point by clicking the button on the map that represents your area of interest.

Each map button will load a menu page showing the sets of pictures available for that topic. These menu pages will also be available from the photo pages in each area. Using these menu pages you have access to all areas in the collection. The menu title will always include a link to the beginning set of the pictures for that location.

Every page has buttons at the bottom that give access to this page, the local menu page, the trip itinerary which links to appropriate pages, a page of off-site links, and the site map which lists every page.

Last, if a location contains more than two pages, a page navigator is included. An orb or ball represents each page in the group, with the spinning globe representing your present location. Using these orbs you can jump forward or backward any number of pages in the same group.

Technical Considerations

Fonts: This site uses Dauphin, Comic Sans MS, Arial, fonts. Comic Sans and Arial appear on most computers. But Dauphin may be a little more unusual. Included is a copy of the true type font file, and here is a link to download it. Windows users here's what you need to do:

  1. Right-click on the word download (the link) and choose Save Target As ...
  2. Navagate to a place on your hard drive to hold a temporary file. and finish the save operation.
  3. Unzip the file you just saved. If you don't have an unzipper, try this link. Or go to www.zdnet.com and search for Zip Office. Follow the instructions.
  4. After you have your download unzipped: Open the Control Panel from "My Computer", double click on Fonts. Open the file menu and choose Install new font ...
  5. Use the navigation boxes to find dauphinn.ttf which you just unzipped. (Be sure the box labeled Copy font to fonts folder is checked. Select Dauphinn.ttf and click OK.
  6. You're done!

In the Web Browser community, two enjoy the greatest popularity with computer users. Unfortunately for the users, the publishers — trying to gain competitive advantage — have chosen to support the "standards" to different degrees. Therefore Netscape and Internet Explorer do not display the same pages in the same ways. To do a really good job, Web developers are faced with writing two sets of code on each page. Statistical reports have shown that 80% of the viewers of Tylers' Travels use Internet Explorer 4.x or higher. I have found that Internet Explorer (IE) does a better job in displaying the pages that I write.

Therefore, this site is best viewed with IE 4.x or higher. Because the content is graphical images, it is best to have your monitor set for a minimum resolution of 1024 X 768 — the higher the better. Color depth should be a minimum of 65,000 colors (High Color).

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Set your monitor as high as the monitor size and display board will permit. If you haven't tried this, for Windows 95 and higher users, here's how: right click on any empty area on you desktop. Choose properties in the popup menu. Choose settings in the tabbed dialog box that appears. The Windows 98 version of the dialog will list your monitor and video card under display. Determine that this matches your hardware. (You may have to click another tab to find the listing of your display hardware on earlier versions.) Near the bottom of the settings page will be a box for colors, click the down arrow and choose the highest color setting available.

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A Message to AOL Users

There is a slider for the screen area. And most versions of Windows 9.x an above have a trial mode. So that you can try the new screen resolution and then accept it or reject it. Tweek it up just a bit if your settings are below 1024 x 768.

To get the best experience using Tylers' Travels, you've got to make sure your AOL browser is set up correctly. It may have come set up to show you pictures quickly, but at a much reduced quality. We take a great deal of pride in our plant pictures and want to make sure that you see them at their best.

Look at the AOL toolbar at the top of the AOL browser. Find 'My AOL' and click on it. You'll see a drop down menu with many choices. Click on 'Preferences'. You'll see three rows of icons. In the first row click on the icon labeled 'WWW'. A window titled 'Internet Options' will pop up. Click on the tab at the top of the window labeled 'Web Graphics'. In the Web Graphics window, make sure that the small checkbox next to the statement "Use compressed graphics" is NOT checked...this small box should be blank. Click 'OK' and you'll be back at the 'Preferences' screen. In the second row of icons, click the one labeled 'Graphics'. A window will open titled 'Graphics View Preferences'. Towards the bottom of this window, make sure that 'JPEG Compression Quality' is set to 100. If it isn't you can adjust it by clicking on the up arrow. Next, click on the 'Set Color Mode' button at the bottom of the Graphics View Preferences window. In the 'Set Color Mode' window that appears, make sure the small circle next to 'more than 256 colors' is filled in. If it isn't, click in the circle to fill it in. Then click 'Ok' three times (once each on the subsequent windows that appear).

For these changes to take effect, you have to Sign-Off and completely close AOL so that all you see is your Desktop. Then the next time you launch AOL from your Desktop you will get to see our pictures in all their colorful (and sharp) detail.

Errors & Omissions

We've tried to correctly identify the contents of these pictures. In some cases we just can't find the correct information and the memory just doesn't cooperate. Anyone able to help with these facts is requested to do so. Please contact Pat Tyler pat@tylersterritory.com with your information, the picture location - page and position on the page. Thanks. Pat Tyler ;-)