The City of Shanghai

May 3rd & 4th, 2001

Grand Hyatt Hotel

Grand Hyatt Hotel
Of Shanghai

The hotel occupies the 52nd to 88th floors of the Jin Mao Building, the third tallest in the world. Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Twin Towers are considered the world's tallest building. Sears Tower of Chicago, formerly the tallest building, is now considered second.

This picture was borrowed from the Pacific Delight brochure. We did take a picture of the building, but could not get the whole building. The base is missing from our picture.

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Looking Up

When you're in a building this tall, and there's an atrium in the middle, you're probably going to want to look up. Here's the "up" view of the atrium.

It's interesting that we had to change elevators every time we entered and left the building. We'd go down to the 52nd floor, cross the lobby on that floor, catch another elevator to the ground floor. There were no stops on the lower elevator except on floors 1 and 2 which are occupied by the hotel. The office building must be entered from a different street than the hotel.

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Atrium Lobby

When your room is on the 64th floor, even though the lobby is on the 52nd floor, you just must take a picture of the view when it's right there and available.

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