The City of Shanghai

Tour Day 13: Thursday, May 3, 2001

The Shanghai Museum

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The Museum Faces Remin Square.

After the Mongolian barbecue, we went to the Shanghai Museum.

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The Rotunda

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An Historic Painting

This is a typical example to traditional Chinese painting. They love their landscape and importalize it through their paintings. We saw landscapes that look like that.

This was the third day of the national holiday, and Shanghai was full of visitors. Many visited the museum that day. Although I suspect that this world-class museum is very busy everyday.

Notice the artist's chops affixed to the right and left margins of the painting. What's a chop? Skip back over to the Children's Palace and read about it.

Above: The grand stairway dominates the rotunda view. But, believe it or not, this museum does have escalators! And they're much appreciated. There's a lot of poping from one floor to another as you go from one exhibit to another.

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