The City of Shanghai

Tour Day 13: Thursday, May 3, 2001

The Streets Of Shanghai
From The Tour Bus

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Shanghai is exploding with growth right now.

The Chinese don't waste a lot of power air conditioning large spaces. Airport terminals are in this category. The Wuhan airport was stifling! And our plane was late, so that extended the wait. And the Shanghai's airport wasn't much better, although all we had to do was walk through it, and make sure our luggage was pulled off the carousel so the porters would take it to the hotel. Just after dark when we stepped out of the front door to go to the bus, it was like heaven! There was a nice cool ocean breeze blowing lightly.
Shanghai got our vote as the city with the nicest climate!

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And they care enough to plant roses along the expressway ramps!

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Bamboo Make Good Scaffolding!

True! It is very strong for its weight, and it is very flexible.
We've seen pictures of times when they would use it in construction of skyscrapers.

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