The Tang Dynasty Dinner Theater

Tour Day Six: Thursday, April 26, 2001

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Preferred Seating!

From left: Marc Gregory, Vivian Johnson, Deedee Gregory,
Pat & Owen Tyler, and Bill Victor

The name of the Tang Dinner Theater is usually pronounced as if it were spelled "Tong."
The name of the Tang Dynasty is pronounced the same way, although "Tang," like the space-age drink mix, is considered correct too.

Our Tea Server

Like this lady, all the dinner attendants were beautifully costumed. The classical Chinese orchestra was on stage entertaining while the guests filed in and found their seats.

The Menu Included ...

Such items as
Pearls Of Cathay
The Royal Marriage
Heart Of The Dragon
The Princess's Pin
The Willow's Melody
After Dinner Delight

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What A Surprise!

Soon, the star appeared on stage and spoke to the audience. Pretty soon she was singing Happy Birthday. Someone was having a birthday. There was so much to see, all the beautiful costumes everywhere. Then a parade came into the theater down the center aisle. They were coming to me! She was singing Happy Birthday to me! Well, my birthday would be the next day. She was also honoring the birthday of David Levin in our group, who's birthday was during the transpacific flight several days earlier.

They brought birthday cakes and we made the first cut with a stage-prop that looks like a great ornamental axe.
Thanks to Renee Ho, our tour guide, for this rare and unusual treat.

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The Show Begins With The Full Orchestra On Stage.

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