Yangtze Port: Wushan

Tour Day Ten: Monday, April 30, 2001
(pronounced Woo-shawn)

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The Wushan Stairs

Left: After you get past the corrigated tin (lower left corner) that tops the floating dock, you can see that we made our way across the narrow board walk to the stairs. This is the way we made our way into the town of Wushan. Our bus is barely visible in front of the white building (center-right) as it waits for us. The blue, gray, and orchid roof tops, cover booths, where vendors hawk their wares to the tourists negotiating the stairs to and from the town.

This is a picturesque little town, and the streets wind their way up "hill and down dale." Things were just too close and went by too fast to get any pictures from the moving bus — unfortunately. These would have been some treasures if they could have been gotten. We all thought this was a real Chinese town, not a picture postcard creation for the benefit of tourists.

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Here's the Famous Longmen Bridge over Longmen Gorge.

This bridge will be submerged by the new lake, or very nearly so.

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Motorized "Sampans" Take Tourists To The Three Small Gorges.

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