Dubrovnik Harbor, Croatia

Photos by Pat Tyler
Thursday, April 28, 2005

Photo by Pat Tyler

The Dalmatian Coast

6:01 AM ~ The sun begins to peek over the hills to the east.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Off-shore Islands Dot the Coast

After a night in the Adriatic Sea, MS Rotterdam glides into the beautiful,
natural harbor that serves the Port of Gruž and Dubrovnik.

Photo by Pat Tyler

6:14 AM ~ A fishing boat heads for the open sea.

He is following in the wake of ancestors who have fished these waters since early in the 7th century when the Serbs and Croats settled the Balkans province of Dalmatia.

Port of Gruž and bridge -042805-614a
Photo by Pat Tyler

Port of Gruž and Harbor Bridge

The harbor bridge was under construction when the Shoenbergers visited here on their Rotterdam VI cruise in September 2001. The previous bridge was destroyed
during the war in the early 1990s. More on that later.

Photo by Pat Tyler

6:16 AM ~ A second fishing boat passes our port side.

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