Photos by Gertrude Meyer
Sunday, May 8th 2005

On the Dubrovnik City Wall

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Ernst Meyer pauses on the stairs.

These stairs were the Meyers first approach to the city wall.

Photos by Gertrude Meyer

Some Streets Intersecting The Wall

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

The Fort Minceta Tower

Minceta is a big round fort with massive basis in the form of a covered bulwark. Minceta is the most beautiful and remarkable fort of Dubrovnik, very often regarded as the symbol of the city. It was built in two periods. The first, quadrangle, Tower was constructed in 1319. In 1455 they decided to give it a round form. The works were started immediately, but stopped because of the plague. In 1461 they were continued the construction. The fort was armed with nine guns; on the top platform there was a big 64-pounder.

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