Photos © Pat Tyler
Wednesday, May 4, 2005
Well, here we are at Stonehenge!

10:49 AM ~ This is just a bit over two hours since we left the terminal in downtown London.
Those people don't look as if they are basking in the warm sunlight.

The Picture People Strive For

Except for one tiny interloper in the distance, (which could pass for a rock) the construct looked as if it stood on the ancient (freshly mowed) plain just as it had for centuries. Scientists still don't know who the people were that built the edifice. It once was credited to the Druids, a religious sect of olden times, but then they discovered that this was ancient before their time too.


It really wasn't very hard to get that picture without a lot of people in it.
Not many souls braved the cold windy weather to go to Stonehenge on this day.

Owen Tyler clutches his leather collar in search of warmth.

The isolated boulder could do nothing to keep warm.
Baby, it's cold outside. We've been there, and we've seen it.
There were more pictures, but you have the idea.
Let's move along.

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