This is Lucca

Day 15: Monday, April 25, 2005
We have arrived. It's now 8:43 AM

The City Wall

We have just passed through the arches in the wall. Lucca is the capital of Lucca Province in northwestern Tuscany. Presently, the city has a population of about 85,000 people. These gates would have been fortified while it struggled to maintain its independence. The city can trace its history back to 180 BC when the Romans colonized the area.
There is evidence of paleolithic habitation here too.

Heading For The Wall

The first order of business is for us to walk a portion of the city wall.
Its raining lightly, but not enough to dampen our enjoyment of the walk.

The wall serves as a green belt around the old city.

Lucca has outgrown its wall several times. This rather new wall was built between 1504 and 1645. Of course, modern Lucca has long since spilled outside of the walls. They are still wellpreserved and picturesque, with projecting bastions planted with trees.


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