The Azores

Punta Delgada, São Miguel Island

Day 8: Monday, April 18, 2005

ShipsOff PuntaDelgada-041805-717a
Ships Off Punta Delgada

We arrive off the port of Punta Delgada at 7:18 AM after 6½ days at sea. The Azores Archipelago lies in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean more than 900 miles west of Lisbon in mainland Portugal.

Were all those days at sea boring? Not at all. There is plenty to do on sea days aboard a cruise ship. See the section on ms Rotterdam to see illustrations of some of those activities.


As we enter the artificial harbor Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas is already tied to the dock on the breakwater.

A Bit of the Breakwater and Dock

Our harbor is on the south shore at the largest city and capitol of the island.

8:02 AM — Rotterdam Passengers Disembark

Those that wish to visit the port independently may leave the ship when clearance is granted by the port authority.

Transportation for the Rest of Us

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