Boulder, Colorado

Trip Day Five: May 8, 2006

Leanin' Tree

Museum and Sculpture Garden
of Western Art

Elk Sculpture @ Leanin' Tree 050806-132p
Elk in the Sculpture Garden

We can share these pictures taken in the sculpture garden with you. Gracing the walls of the galleries, are some outstanding examples of contemporary western art. If you enjoy western paintings, of the cowboy genre, beautiful wildlife scenes, and some that will make you chuckle if not laugh right out loud, this museum is a must see when in Boulder.

They reproduce the beautiful paintings that grace their walls onto greeting cards. So if the original is over your budget, if it is available at all, you can take a token of your pleasure with you in the form of a greeting card.

Their Web site beautifully illustrates the treat in store for you on a visit.

Checkmate Sculpture @ Leanin' Tree  050806-131p

Bldg Leanin' Tree 050806-232p
Big Cat Guards the Leanin' Tree Entry.

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