North Dakota

Day 4, Thursday, August 16, 2001

We passed acres and acres of sun flower fields. Unfortunately we never saw a place to get off the road in time to get a good picture of the sun-seeking blossoms. We did learn that the flower-heads do not seek the sun all day long, as we previously thought. The flowers face east, no matter what the time.

The gently rolling plains of the Dakotas hold places
for pretty little lakes that add interest to the otherwise monotonous landscape.

We reached Fargo early enough to find a Canon dealer and buy the replacement for the S-20 that had balked back in Pierre. Our pictures in Minnesota and Wisconsin would be exercises in learning the controls of the latest generation 3.3 megapixel Canon — the PowerShot G-1. And comparing the results of the two cameras so long as I could get the S-20 to work. At this writing in October, the G-1 has been replaced by the G-2 which is far more advanced for only a little more price. Sure wish they took trades.

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