Port Stanley

Falkland Islands
Outer Harbor

Day 10: Sunday, January 13, 2002

It's 6:15 AM in Port Stanley's outer harbor.

6:50 AM: We see the town over a low finger of land reaching into the harbor.
We're about 2 miles from town. The harbor isn't deep enough for us to approach any closer.

Divers come to inspect our port stabilizer.

Sometime after we left Rio de la Plata estuary in the open sea we hit something, perhaps a whale. The collision damaged the stabilizer on the left side of the ship. Because of the damage the stabilizer could not be retracted, and control was only partial. Captain Mercer said the ship was about 80% stabilized. He wanted a diver to inspect the damage. He found that the ship would need to be in drydock to repair the damage. That wouldn't happen before October of 2002 after the ship came back from duty in Alaskan waters.

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