Cruise Personalities

South America / Antarctica Cruise

You are very fortunate if you can get a congenial dining group for the cruise like this one.

Kazuko Kawahara
Tsuru Iwata

Pat Tyler
Fred Brom

Owen Tyler
Margaret Brom

Kazuko was traveling with her ninety-year-old mother. They live in Tokyo. Fred and Margaret are retired educators from Michigan. And we are retired business people who live in Texas. Would you believe it, Ms. Iwata is not retired. She runs a garment factory in Tokyo. Her 80-year-old sister pinch-hits when she's traveling.

In spite of the language barrior with the Japanese ladies, we were all able to make ourselves understood and had a wonderful time with it. Usually, we were the last to leave the dining room, we were so busy talking and laughing.


Our many thanks to Kazuko Kawahara of Tokyo, Japan and Dan & Barbara O'Brien of Bryan, Texas for allowing some of their pictures to be added to ours making the record of this voyage much more complete. Kazuko's pictures appear in the section on Iguazú Falls, Brazil and the O'Brien photos are scattered all through this Web site on the South America / Antarctica cruise on the ms Ryndam.

Owen & Pat Go Formal

This composite represents some of the things we saw on the cruise.

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