Boulder, Colorado

Trip Day Two: June 13, 2000

This Boulder site combines pictures from two visits there.
The first, as indicated by the date above, on a trip to the Canadian Rockies.
And the second was on a trip to Vancouver Island. If you have seen the pictures
from the June 2000 trip, please use the page navigator buttons below, and skip to page 4.

US-36 Overlook East of Boulder

The clouds in the right quarter of the sky are actually plumes of smoke rising from a wild fire that had recently started between Loveland and Rocky Mountain National Park.

Patsy & Owen Tyler

We arrived for an overnight stay with niece, Patsy Tyler, a long-time Boulder resident. She has created two shady patios at her Boulder home. At high altitudes, the sun can be very penetrating, so it's nice to have a shady retreat. Notice the lime green blocks in the bottom photo. These are highly scented soap bars. The plan is that the obnoxious odor emenating from them will discourage the deer from feasting on the flowers in the containers. She's tried every deer deterant known to man except putting wire cages over everything.

A Pair Shady Patios in Boulder

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